What we offer in RecurOmni
Customer profiles and messages integration in one console
One single console to efficiently serve instant customer requests and messages from various channels e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Mesenger, WeChat, LINE etc. Enabled by Salesforce, all customer profiles and chat history will be shown in the same console to improve your customer service.
Chatbot builder to automate customer conversational experience
Chatbot AI not only allows 24/7 and 100% accurate conversation with customers, at the same time helps to better understand customers needs from their responds to help your future sales & marketing strategy
Voice-to-text / OCR / Data-masking helps to tailor-make your customer engagament
With our advanced Voice-to-text, OCR, Data masking technology, customer engagements will not be confined to text messages anymore.
Intent anlaysis
Analysis and record your customer behavior for your marketing strategy
Enabled by Salesforece, RecurOmni smart system will do intent analysis of your customers’ consumption preference, conclude into different customer segments designated by your marketers  and then store in the database. This helps your company to generate pre-built data-driven analytic reports for developing your social marketing strategy
Salesforce skills-based routing
Salesforce integration for efficient workflow
With different customers' needs, it is important to lead to the “right” agent to serve them. Skills-based routing allows the customer to lead to the most suitable agent for resolving the job and improves the quality of customer service.
Mobile app
Control your customer service wtih any gadgets
RecurOmni offers mobile application for convenient access to the customer service console and seamless customer engagement
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